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To improve the convergence behavior of the decoupled finite element method for the steady-state simulation of viscoelastic flow problems we introduced a modified unsteady term into the momentum and constitutive equations respectively To make sure an advantage of the new technique the eccentric flow problem of viscoelastic fluid was chosen by comparing stability of the simulations in the Numerical analysis of unsteady cavitation shedding dynamics around NACA66 hydrofoil by large-eddy simulation B Ji 1 2 K Miyagawa 1 X W Luo 2 Y L Wu 2 and H Y Xu 2 1 Applied Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering Waseda University Tokyo 169-8555 Japan 2 State Key Laboratory of Hydroscience Engineering Tsinghua University

Development Of Standard Procedures For Evaluating

Truncation at Low Concentrations -- In the analysis of unsteady state oxygen transfer data the emphasis is usually placed on obtaining precise and accurate values of K a and C* This is the case because these parameters are used to compute the standard oxygen transfer rate SOTR which is an indicator of an aeration system's perfor- 22 mance

2017-3-1Unsteady analysis for solar-powered hybrid storage LiBr-water absorption air-conditioning and improves the overall performance Thus the system is designed to meet this constant cooling load but it operates on an unsteady-state operation mode in accordance with the variable solar insolation and ambient temperature over the day The

Non-uniform Sediment Transport and Time Scale Analysis in Unsteady and Non-equilibrium Conditions to obtain instantaneous frequency data The EMD extracts the variability of data with different time scales and improves the analysis of data series This study is one of the earlier attempts to introduce the state-of-the-art data analysis

2018-9-28JOURNAL OF BEIJING UNIVERSITY OF AERONAUTICS AND A ›› 2019 Vol 45 ›› Issue (4): 672-680 doi: 10 13700/j bh 1001-5965 2018 0573 Previous Articles Next Articles Unsteady flow characteristics of dorsal inlet under low-energy inflow

2013-6-107 Unsteady-operation requires optimal feed or often complex control strategy (D) 8 Design of reactor may be more complicated (D) Dynamic modeling improves situation 2 5 Preliminary Comparison of Reactor Operation Modes A comparison of batch continuous and semi-continuous reactor characteristics is given in Table 2 Table 2

Modelling water trap seal boundary conditions in

T2 - Computational fluid dynamics analysis of unsteady friction to improve accuracy AU - Jean Nicole AU - Gormley Michael PY - 2017/9/1 Y1 - 2017/9/1 N2 - The safe removal of disease carrying human waste is the objective of all sanitation systems shown today in

Truncation at Low Concentrations -- In the analysis of unsteady state oxygen transfer data the emphasis is usually placed on obtaining precise and accurate values of K a and C* This is the case because these parameters are used to compute the standard oxygen transfer rate SOTR which is an indicator of an aeration system's perfor- 22 mance

Additionally an advanced pitching improves the reduction of external driving torque whereas a delayed pitching weakens both the lift enhancement and the reduction of external driving torque Further analysis shows that pitching effects can be mainly decomposed into the Leading-Edge-Vortex (LEV)-mediated pressure component and geometric

2011-6-24Expressions State Session Files •CFDPost Expressions (user defined outputs eg pressure co-efficients) can be pre-defined and called via CCL session or state file for quick analysis (like Custom Functions) •CFDPost state files can be written and read to

Unsteady magneto-hydrodynamic heat and mass transfer analysis of hybrid nanofluid flow over stretching surface with chemical reaction suction slip effects and thermal radiation is analyzed in this problem Combination of carbon nanotubes and silver nanoparticles are taken as hybrid nanoparticles and water is considered as base fluid

2016-5-9tion and analysis Various applications require massively tracing streamlines or pathlines such as flow surface computation [8] finite-time Lyapunov exponent (FTLE) computation [14] and source-destination analysis [16] However field line computation is both data- and computational-expensive especially for large and complex unsteady

Downloadable (with restrictions)! This paper presents an unsteady two-dimensional numerical model of a hybrid solar power generation system (STEG) that integrates photovoltaic (PV) and thermoelectric generator (TEG) technologies to harvest more solar energy under typical environmental and operating conditions The model takes into account solar irradiation wind speed and ambient temperature

Chemical Engineering Science 1966 Vol 21 pp 305-315 Pergamon Press Ltd Oxford Printed in Great Britain Unsteady state process operation J M DOUGLAS* and D W T RIPPIN Imperial College of Science and Technology London (Received 2 August 1965 revised 11 November 1965) Abstract-The desirability of steady state operation is normally assumed both for the design and control of


2003-7-7performing unsteady-state relative permeability tests on single core plugs the entire core can be imaged in one "shot" Longer cores require combining multiple images to build a composite image The scanner uses a 165 kVp dual-focus metal ceramic x-ray tube A 0 4 mm focus is used for imaging

2017-1-1However the unsteady-state analysis can be extended to many aspects such as analysis of scale formation on workpiece surface defects analysis edge profile study through-thickness and through-process temperature analyses and hence microstructure evolution etc

The Clean Water Act retained large roles for state-level implementation and the effectiveness of that implementation most likely varied across states While a simple formula determined the level of grant funds that each state received each state designed the

2001-3-6An unsteady signal analyzer for detecting a defect in a monitored object through the analysis of an unsteady signal generated by the monitored object has a wavelet transform calculating device which produces a wavelet spectrum data through a wavelet transform of the unsteady signal a state variation function setting device which sets a state variation function representing a variation of a

2010-1-1A cyclone separator uses inertial and gravitational forces to separate particulate matter from gas Accordingly various designs have been proposed in literature (Dirgo Leith 1986) Figure 1 shows a schematic of widely used inverse flow cyclone and depicts main parts and dimensions The particle laden gas enters the cyclone separator with a high rotational velocity

High geothermal hazard is a basic problem that must be solved in deep mining thereby the research on thermal insulation supporting for high temperature control of deep roadway is increasing However the quantitative analysis of its thermal insulation effect is yet to be carried out By building the physical model and control equations of the thermal insulation supporting roadway and

2013-9-24utilizing the state of the art technologies of three-dimen-sional multi-stage viscous flow analysis and unsteady flow analysis (5) MHI has also developed new high per-formance seal (Leaf seal) capable of significantly reduc-ing steam leakage through the gland seals and blade tip/ base clearance Moreover MHI has developed a new high

Modern Analysis for Complex and Nonlinear Unsteady Flows in Turbomachinery This process is experimental and the keywords may be updated as the learning algorithm improves This is a preview of subscription content K C and Crawley E F "Calculation of Unsteady Flows in Turbomachinery Using the Linearized Euler